How Structuring My Life Has Made Me Feel Free


Every once in awhile I leave the city and stay at my parent’s house in Mission. I truly love spending time with them and these trips feel like little vacations away from the rest of my life.

One of the best things about going on a vacation is that it creates a forced separation between you and your responsibilities. If grading your student’s papers or cleaning underneath the kitchen sink are no longer even possible, you no longer feel as guilty about not doing them. For me, this is why reading a book on a camping trip is so much more relaxing than reading a book at home. There is nothing else to do, so you can truly relax and take in the book without any guilt.

When I’m not on vacation, I have a very cluttered and unfocused mind. I’ll think about how I need to do laundry, get distracted by other things, think about how I need to do laundry again, get distracted by more things, and experience a building anxiety about how I should be doing laundry but am not.

I’m sorta a mess.

However, by creating a structured schedule, I effectively take many of these daily concerns off the table and allow my mind to be more free the rest of the time. Let me give you some examples:

On Tuesdays I do┬ámy laundry and plan the following three day’s worth of meals. On Wednesdays I hang up any remaining laundry and buy groceries. On Thursdays I tidy up my room and make sure to take the time to do something creative. So on and so forth.

This may sound like an overly strict schedule, but it actually makes my days feel way more open and allows me to enjoy my leisure activities way more. If you always do your adulting at the same time each week, then you don’t need to worry about it the rest of the time.

Now if only I updated my blog with a similar level of consistency…