Don’t make a summer reading goal


Don’t say “I want to read 10 books this summer.” There is no need to track your progress in books or pages.

Some books are best enjoyed when read slowly. They may be difficult or thought-provoking or emotionally overwhelming. There is no need to rush through them because your sense of progress is wavering. The time you invest may be more rewarding than spending the same amount of time reading twice as much. Other books are lighthearted and exciting and can be enjoyed at a breakneck pace and these are worth your time too. There is no need to approach them all the same way. Enjoy the page you are on, no matter how much time you spend on it. If you want to take a break and go for a walk to consider what you just read, you absolutely should. That time is valuable too.

Don’t choose shorter books because they represent more check-marks on a list or choose longer ones because they seem more impressive. Reading a single page can be just as worthwhile as reading ten, and reading a seven part series is no different than reading one book that is seven times longer than the others.

There is no need to track your progress in books or pages. There is no need to to put your life’s achievements on a graph to show that efficiency is up 25% and this could very well be the best year on record. Get up, go to work, read a good book, and don’t worry about the next one until this one is done.